I look forward to your response and confirmation

Joseph Hall

1902, X Street, Madison Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA-90001

Cell:-(123) 456-7890



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DearĀ  Joseph Hall,

I received your letter this morning advising me that our insurance policy will not pay out for my wife’s operation. The reason given is that the operation is “elective”, and not a necessity, also you believe that you should have been consulted before the operation took place. It never occurred to us that you would consider a life saving operation to be “elective”. I would hope that the person who wrote us the letter has made an error in reading what the operation was for, or else does not know what “elective” means.
We have forwarded copies of the surgeon’s notes for your records. From these notes it is clearly evident that there was no other choice for my wife if she wanted to live long enough to see our children get married.
The operation has been a success and the threat to her has now been removed. This has occurred thanks to the skill of the surgeon. From a position of joy though we have been brought back to earth by your letter. I believe that when you read the facts that you will agree that our insurance policy should pay out for the operation. I look forward to your response and confirmation that no further action is required.


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