Sorry Letter to Boy friend

May 6, 2011

Moses Grant,

11th Halifax Avenue,

West London,


Dear Moses,

I am sorry for not telling you in due time that I am planning to leave the country for good. It so happened that my parents applied for US Citizenship last year and as a family, they enlisted our names and careers. So when my mother came up with the news that we had all been awarded with a green card, I received the news with mixed feelings. I had never really been interested to migrate, so I never gave it much thought. This is the reason why I never brought the matter up in our relationship. I know that we made a pact that we would never hide anything from each other and for this I am deeply sorry.

What hurts me most is the fact that you heard it from my youngest sister and not from me and I know that you are angry and hurting inside. I never meant for you to find out about it this way. I was going to tell you and time passed as I tried to gather the courage to let you know. Please forgive me.

Yours truly,



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