Our company recreational activities

August 4, 2011

Andrew Hall

456, X Street, Y Avenue,

Philadelphia, PA-19103

Cell:-(123) 456-7890


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Dear Andrew hall,

Our junior marketing officer Ms. Caroline Brown has been awarded the title of MVP in the Monthly Badminton Smash-out Tournament our company held last weekend.

Carol’s cheerful attitude and high energy was infectious to everyone present in the tournament, making it a very fun and enjoyable experience for all. Not only was she contributing positive energy to the tournament, but she was also smoking the competition with her well-aimed smashes and exceptional badminton skills. For her excellent performance and for winning the women’s singles tournament, she was awarded with a trophy and a gift certificate for a full body massage and a visit to the wonderful Four Seasons Spa.

Again, we congratulate Carol on her win, and we highly encourage employees to participate more in our company recreational activities so as to win fabulous prizes which are up for grabs.


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