Life time event

August 5, 2011


69 N. Grant Street,

Mid Lake City • California 84301

Cell 🙁 988) 598-1331

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Dear Mather smith,

Do you want to see how time has taken its toil on your classmates? Well twenty years have passed since we all graduated, so do you still look the same?

The celebrations will commence on Friday. June 24, with some food and dance starting at 8pm. The venue for this once in a life time event is the York Hotel Main Room. On Saturday we have booked out a river cruise for those want to relax, and there is more food in the afternoon by the side of the river.

We would like to know how many people can attend as soon as possible, so would ask that you return the registration form and $30 to Sarah Collins straightaway. Once received we will send out receipts and further details of all events and any helpful information.

Maria smith

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