Retirement Acceptance Letter

May 4, 2011

August 2 2010

Shri K. Ramakrishna,

Manager Operations,



Dear Mr. Ramakrishna,

With reference to your detailed letter requesting redemption from official duties, I hereby inform you that the request has been accepted in principle. However, the final relieving will be subject to your completion of all the projects in hand and to the handing-over of all the inventory of your charge to the coming-in person. Though your absence in our midst hereafter will be a great loss to the department, we feel it is fit and proper to grant and accept your request, bearing in mind your circumstances as explained in your request and your personal obligations.

However, you will be relieved from your duties only on the date that your reliever assumes charge from Mumbai. All terminal benefits as worked out by the accounts department will reach you by end of day on the date of relieving.  We hope you will continue to extend your expertise even after your retirement to the department.

With all best wishes,


Chief General Manager,

Yule and Kendall (P) Ltd.



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