Medical school acceptance letter

May 4, 2011

Mr. Jerry Parkinson

34-A, New Sunrise Colony,

London, England

Dear Mr. Parkinson,

We congratulate you on acceptance of your application regarding admission in medical section of Queen Colleague of medical science, London. Kindly mail us your confirmation for joining this college and hostel, as the last date of mailing is May 30th, 2010 and after this date there will be zero acceptances for late comers.

You can find the list attached of languages and basic stationery to bring for your course. You will be catered for three meals and a good room in hostel and college committee staff will be responsible to take care of you in the institution premises.  Do’s and don’ts are also mentioned at the end of the list. Please note to pay your first semester fee of $5600 in advance to avoid late fees.

You can contact us at our official numbers and mail ids which mentioned in the letter.

All the Best!!

Thanks & Regards,

Tom Sutherland


Download Medical school acceptance letter In Word Format

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